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Through her research, Dr. Cox learned that the representations of Black people (and Black girls/women, in particular) in media have either been sparse or two-dimensional throughout history. After having published in academic journals about this phenomena, she is inspired to create the characters and multidimensionality she'd like to see in Black stories.

The Beginning of Love

The Beginning of Love is a pilot/short I wrote about two queer Black women who met at a Psychology conference and fell in love. This story was important for me to get out because rarely, if ever, do we get to see romantic comedies about queer Black women. It's also the first script I have ever written! So, it's automatically near and dear to my heart. And as you'll see from the character names in this excerpt, it's based on an experience I had in real life. My tone here is comically self-aggrandizing, considering Vaness in real life is rather modest.


I'm currently looking for folks to help me bring this story to life, so reach out if you're interested!  

I'll share the full script with you if you ask nicely :)

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When I Grow Up...

When I Grow Up... is a children's book I wrote about a curious and passionate little girl named Nia who quickly and steadfastly pursues her interests in different careers. However, after realizing she's envisioned herself in several different careers, she becomes self-conscious about how often she's changed her mind. This story serves as reassurance to children that it's okay to change your mind. 


I was inspired to write this book because, as a child, I was very similar to Nia. I wanted to be in almost every career I learned about, and I would do my research on each career every time with the same vigor. Now, as an adult, I find that I still have that same curiosity and passion about different careers. However, the difference is I know now that it takes courage to follow your heart and change careers when it feels right; whereas, when I was younger, I felt like maybe I was just confused. I want this story to inspire children and adults alike to change their minds when it feels appropriate and to not fear judgment for doing so. 

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I Passed Gas in Class

I Passed Gas in Class is another children's book I wrote about Lily, your typical straight-A student, girly girl. However, her image might be tarnished after she realizes she has to pass gas at the worst time, during class. This story is meant to make both children and their parents laugh and possibly catch a little bit of secondhand embarrassment. 


It was important for me to write this book because it's about time we see funny stories about Black girls. Stories written about Black girls often present them as well-put-together mini adults (a la Doc McStuffins), but Black girls are kids too, and they deserve to see representations of themselves that are silly and multifaceted like kids are. Though Lily is a Black girl, this story appeals to all children because every child has an embarrassing story relating to their body, whether we know about it or not.


Illustrators and agents, reach out! 

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