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Media Researcher, Consultant, & Creative


Dr. Vaness Cox is a tv, film, and music aficionado. In 2016, she was fortunate enough to begin doing research on said passions, and in 2020, she earned her Ph.D. in Developmental (& Media) Psychology from the University of Michigan. Despite the Black diaspora's high rates of media consumption, research is lacking regarding the effects of media on their psychological well-being. So, Dr. Cox's work generally addresses the Black community and how they are represented in and affected by media. Currently, she uses her research to inform the creation of TV and film content with her consulting company, Uncommon Eye. Additionally, Dr. Cox is an Adjunct Associate Professor in Communications at Long Island University as well as a collaborator with the Center for Scholars & Storytellers. She is also a writer and aspiring producer with hopes of creating her own content, showcasing the diversity of Black stories. 

Prior to starting her consulting business, Dr. Cox was a researcher at the Geena Davis Institute, where she helped publish research on Black women in Hollywood. Dr. Cox also worked in the Office of Global Inclusion at Paramount, where she was on the Content for Change council, produced events highlighting the diversity in Paramount's content, and provided DEI resources to internal and external partners. 

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